is a socially aware luxury company that works in harmony with nature.  It spans hand-woven cloth products from scarves to sofa throws, releasing as its main drivers, colours and ancient wisdoms to promote greater well-being in everyday life.

designs unite the power of colours, words and energised crystals to promote well-being.  Each product is made on hand-looms using the finest natural yarns, organic where possible, and dyed with botanical extracts or eco-friendly dyestuffs to achieve the desired predominant colour theme.

stands for 'Ancient Power on Cashmere, Cotton And Silk'.  Honouring its customers' personal colour choices, it enhances them inconspicuously with added energised crystals and mood-elevating verbal affirmations woven into and embroidered onto the scarf or wrap creations.

With its production origins in Southeast Asia,  is centred on the rich crafts-making traditions of ancient Siam giving respect to both the artisanal arts & culture while championing the artisans themselves and, to a greater extent, the rural communities in which they live.

Here at we take such pride in the achievements of our matron weavers that we nickname them after powerful animals the spirit of which they represent.


Vortex is the maiden collection of scarves and wraps designed, handcrafted and sold by , a lifestyle brand and living concept with feel-goodism at heart.  The luxurious Vortex products encompass scarves, shawls, throws, blankets and cushion covers, created by hand, embracing social awareness and working in harmony with nature.

is determined to uphold both the luxurious excellence of its products and strict ethical treatment of the environment and the people involved, an dedicated commitment anchored in the very core of its Vortex collection – a colour play on the law of attraction and its ensuing benefits.


' selection is made with respect for people, animals and the environment. We want to ensure every component in every product we sell has the smallest negative impact on our health and our planet.

The EARTH is in an environmental crisis. is motivated by the challenges we face collectively,
to the climate and ecosystems.

Products in the collections are made with consideration for all beings. ' mission is to offer its customers the opportunity to indulge in a completely conscious way of enhancing their own well-being.

~grassroots luxury


' philosophy is simple yet powerful:
to combine ancient wisdoms with luxurious and soft natural fabric treasures which follow strict
principles of sustainability and social responsibility, including fair trade principles, which we
observe, and carbon offset values which we aspire to integrate.
A significant percentage of the company's profits is earmarked to be invested in select rural
community projects to help foster traditional craftsmanship. All Vortex styles are created
purposefully to reflect a pure grassroots approach of redefining luxury living that balances and
uplifts the human body and mind.